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Join the "Visits Journal" beta.

Visits Journal is a new journal app for iPhone and iPad that lets you write about your day along with the places you've been.

The daily journal shows you all the places you’ve been during the day and this can help you jump-start your thoughts and get you journaling. Write about your day, and the places you visit, restaurants and bars, shops, treks and all your travels in one place.

With "Automatic Visit Tracking" you don't have to spend time manually adding visits. The travel map shows you all the places you've been and how often you went there.

With support for the iPad you can see more of your places on the map and use a full keyboard to write your journal entries. iCloud support then means that your data will remain synced across all your devices.

Join the beta and send us your feedback. You must download TestFlight from the App Store to try the beta. Once you have it tap the link below on your iPhone or iPad.

Join the Beta